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Twenty-third meeting of the CITES Plants Committee

24/07/2017 - 09:00 - 27/07/2017 - 17:30

Please note that this meeting will be preceded by the Twenty-ninth meeting of CITES Animals Committee and the Joint sessions of the 29th meeting of the CITES Animals Committee and 23rd meeting of the Plants Committee.

Monday 24 July 2017
6. Plants Committee strategic planning for 2016-2019 (CoP17-CoP18)
6.1 Resolutions and Decisions directed to the Plants Committee
6.2 Plants Committee workplan
15. Review of Significant Trade in specimens of Appendix-II species [Resolution Conf. 12.8 (Rev. CoP17)]

10h30–11h00 Break

18. Timber identification
24. African tree species [Decision 17.302]
25. Neotropical tree species [Decision 16.159 (Rev. CoP17)]
27. East African sandalwood (Osyris lanceolata) [Decision 16.153 (Rev. CoP17)]
19. Definition of the term 'artificially propagated'

12h30–14h00 Lunch  


22. Rosewood timber species [Leguminosae (Fabaceae)]
29. Periodic Review of the Appendices [Resolution Conf. 14.8 (Rev. CoP17)]
31. Standard nomenclature [Resolution Conf. 12.11 (Rev. CoP17)]
32. Annotations for Appendix II orchids [Decision 17.318]
Establishment of working groups 

Tuesday 25 July 2017
09h00–10h30 Working group meetings

10h30–11h00 Break
11h00–12h30 Working group meetings
12h30–14h00 Lunch
14h00–16h00 Working group meetings
16h00–16h30 Break
16h30–18h00 Working group meetings

Wednesday 26 July 2017

09h00–10h30 Working group meetings
10h30–11h00 Break
11h00–12h30 Working group meetings
12h30–14h00 Lunch
20. Agarwood-producing taxa (Aquilaria spp. and Gyrinops spp.)
23. African cherry (Prunus africana) [Decision 17.252]
26. Report on the outcomes of the International Workshop on CITES-listed tree species 
28. Possible amendments to Resolution Conf. 10.13 (Rev. CoP15) on Implementation of the Convention for timber species

Thursday 27 July 2017
09h00–10h30 Working groups reports

10h30–11h00 Break
11h00–12h30 Working groups reports
12h30–14h00 Lunch
21. Malagasy ebonies (Diospyros spp.), palisanders and rosewoods (Dalbergia spp.)
14. Cooperation with the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation of the Convention on Biological Diversity [Resolution Conf. 16.5 and Decision 17.53]
11. Non-detriment findings
34. Regional reports
34.1 Africa
34.2 Asia
34.3 Central and South America and the Caribbean
34.4 Europe
34.5 North America
34.6 Oceania
35. Any other business
36. Time and venue of the 24th meeting of the Plants Committee
37. Closing remarks 


Geneva, Switzerland


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