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Wild and Precious: Conservation in the 21st Century?

03/03/2015 - 09:30 - 11:00
Roundtable Event

Symposium on the occasion of the World Wildlife Day, at Geneva Airport, under the theme: Wild and precious : conservation in the 21st century.

This is a highly topical issue. The illegal trade of endangered species (from rhino horns to precious wood) is worth over 20 billion dollars every year.

The venue – Geneva Airport – is also symbolic because customs, notably at airports, are those who enforce CITES on a daily basis. Symposium organizers wished to raise awareness about illegal trade of protected species in the audience with an exhibition of some items seized by Swiss customs.


Welcoming remarks
H.E. Pamela HAMAMOTO, Permanent Representative to the United Nations, United States

Video Message
John SCANLON, CITES Secretary General

Geneva and the celebration of the World Wildlife Day 2015
Moderation: Simon PETITE, Le Temps

The role of science and museums in species conservation in the 21st century
Jacques AYER, Director , Geneva Natural History Museum

The role of Customs in combating illegal wildlife trade
Vanni SOLDATI, Inspector, Swiss Customs Administration

The wild side of luxury: Can nature continue to sustain the luxury industry?
Xenya CHERNY-SCANLON, Founder, Green Stilettos

Closing remarks
Bruno MAININI, Swiss Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office

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