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Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies

Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies 132 rue de Lausanne Case Postale 136 CH-1211 Geneva 21
(+41 22) 908 57 00
(+41 22) 908 57 10
The Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies is a new Institute generated by the merger of the Graduate Institute of International Studies (HEI) with the Graduate Institute of Development Studies (IUED), established respectively in 1927 and 1961. It is a private foundation, receiving financial support from the Swiss Confederation and the Canton of Geneva. The Institute’s mission as an institution of higher education and research is to provide independent and rigorous analyses of current and emerging world issues with a double emphasis on international relations and development studies. It has a particular concern for promoting international cooperation and bringing an academic contribution to less advances nations.
Academic institutions
Director: Philippe Burrin
The Institute gives selected students from all over the world the opportunity for graduate (Masters and Ph.D), bilingual (English - French), disciplinary and multidisciplinary studies, which will endow them with high-level skills and will allow them to play a significant role in international cooperation and development. Masters Master in International Affairs (MIA) Master en Etudes du développement (Mdev) Under the umbrella of the Masters in International Studies (MIS): • Master in International Economics • Masters in International History and Politics • Master in International Law • Masters in Political Science Ph.D. Programmes Ph.D. in Development Studies Under the umbrella of the Ph.D. in International Studies: • Ph.D. in International Law • Ph.D. in International Economics • Ph.D. in International History and Politics • Ph.D. in Political Science The Institute is active at theoretical and applied levels of research and brings policy-relevant expertise to contemporary world issues. It also offers executive education aiming at meeting in a flexible manner the demands of public and private international actors for professional development. Ideally located in Geneva, it benefits from the environment of international, governmental and non-governmental organisations as well as diplomatic missions and contributes to intellectual debate and prospective reflection on all international and global issues.
With universities through exchange agreements.
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