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International Polar Foundation

International Polar Foundation - IPF
3, chemin du Creux
1233 Bernex
(+41 78) 850 34 63 (+41 78) 659 47 23

Claudio Solazzo, Development Officer, IPF-CH


The International Polar Foundation (IPF) communicates and educates on polar science and polar research as a way to understand key environmental and climate mechanisms. The IPF also promotes innovative and multifaceted responses to the complex challenges raised by the need for action on sustainable development. The IPF was created with the aim of providing a novel interface between science and society. The IPF seeks to bring about a keener appreciation of the role of science, and in particular scientific research in the Polar Regions, through the re-examination of the World and the impact of human actions on the environment and evolution of millennial climate cycles. The IPF is an operating, non-governmental, public utility foundation, established in 2002 with an international focus on science & society and sustainable development.

Non-governmental and business organizations
2002 in Bruxelles (2004 Geneva Office)
20 (2 in Geneva)
Thierry Touchais, Executive Director, IPF

The IPF develops its projects within a context of sustainable development, following its three-fold mission of information, education and demonstration to the wider public. • Inform the wider public on the importance of polar research in understanding how the Earth's climate functions, and disseminate the results of research on the Polar Regions and on climate change. • Educate the wider public by offering new tools and resources that will allow the educational community to efficiently communicate complex ideas to the younger generations. • Demonstrate that action can be taken today in order to address the causes and adapt our lifestyles in the face of current climate change. To this end, the IPF realizes and offers its support to exemplary sustainable development initiatives. The IPF runs 4 different websites covering various aspects of polar science and climate change: • PolarFoundation: Presents the IPF through its objectives, structure, projects and realisations. • EducaPoles: Offers educational tools and projects relating to climate change and Polar Regions. • SciencePoles: Popularizes polar sciences and research findings across a variety of disciplines. • ExploraPoles: Provides an overview of polar expeditions and explorers and introduces Polar Regions.


Worldwide partnership and collaboration with NGO’s, foundations, companies, government, international organisations, and the scientific community as well.


Teaching dossiers, exercice booklet, books, comic book (The Migration of the Ibanes), scientific articles and interviews, CD-Roms, movies and videos.