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AQUA: Contemporary Artists and Water Issues

23/03/2017 (Toute la journée) - 02/07/2017 (Toute la journée)

AQUA is presented to you by Art of The World, an international traveling exhibition inaugurated in Geneva on 22 March 2017, World Water Day.

Continuing its mission to raise awareness on essential issues of our times through contemporary art, the latest art project of ART for The World, is AQUA, an international traveling exhibition focusing on water and its importance to human beings, fauna and flora, curated by Adelina von Fürstenberg.

AQUA aims to emphasize our collective responsibility on the role and use of water in our world today, where water management is a major challenge and a priority objective of the 21st century.

The exhibition is presented in avant-première in Geneva, a quintessential city of water, where the Rhône River, after running through the Canton of Valais and forming Lake Leman, flows through the heart of Geneva where it converges with the Arve River before continuing on to Lyon and the Mediterranean Sea.

Most being presented for the first time, the artworks by 32 contemporary artists from differing horizons, touch on the preservation of water. The exhibition is conceived to raise public awareness of the notion of interdependence, essential to the conservation of our environment and to the future of our planet. When water is under menace, so too are all forms of life on Earth. Recognised as a vital life-giving element, water is essential to preserving biodiversity and ecosystems. As a human resource, it is at the centre of climate change and its consequences, a possible origin, or a subject of conflict.

Invited artists and filmmakers:

Omar Ba, Nigol Bezjian, Clemente Bicocchi, Stefano Boccalini, Alighiero Boetti, Benji Boyadgian, Jonathas de Andrade, Silvie Defraoui, Michel Favre, Noritoshi Hirakawa, Francesco Jodice, Ilya and Emilia Kabakov, Shin Il Kim, Alexander Kosolapov, Iseult Labote, Salomé Lamas, Marcello Maloberti, Andrea Marescalchi, Carlos Montani, Marcelo Moscheta, Stéphanie Nava, Luca Pancrazzi, Dan Perjovschi, George Pusenkoff, Shimabuku, Eduardo Srur, Barthélémy Toguo, Maria Tsagkari, Velu Viswanadhan, Gal Weinstein, Vasilis Zografos.

AQUA is presented on World Water Day, 22 March 2017, granting the artists expression, on this symbolic occasion, of their engagement to this indispensable element on which we all rely.


The exhibition will take place in two different locations in Geneva:

From 23 March to 31 May at Île Rousseau, Quai des Bergues, located on the Rhône River in the heart of the city.

From 23 March to 2 July at Château de Penthes in Pregny-Chambésy, located in the area of the United Nations and international organizations. 


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